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Global report on IHP+ performance: monitoring commitments to effective development cooperation in health

Field of Expertise:
Development Cooperation; Aid effectiveness / development effectiveness; Aid effectiveness / development effectiveness
Narrative description of project:
The International Health Partnership (IHP+), launched in 2007, consists of a group of partners committed to improving the health of citizens in developing countries and working together to put international principles for effective aid and development co-operation into practice in the health sector. Through the partnership and its global and country compacts, 36 developing countries and 29 development partners have signed up to improve the effectiveness of their development cooperation.
Between 2009 and 2012, three rounds of monitoring have been carried out to assess IHP+ partners’ performance against commitments in the Global Compact.
The new - fourth - round of monitoring performance is coordinated by hera and differs in scope from the previous ones, as data were collected at country level by Ministries of Health (MOHs). This approach was chosen to strengthen the accountability for commitments by health partners at country level. 24 partner countries participated in this monitoring round, 5 more than in 2012. 37 development partners provided data, up from 17 in the previous round. 4 international NGOs participated for the first time. The final data set included data from 24 MOHs and 213 development partner country offices. This is currently the largest global database on development cooperation in health.