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Annual Review of the icddr,b program

Field of Expertise:
Health Research and Information; Health Research; Health Systems Research
Narrative description of project:
Icddr,b was at a turning point. This large research institute is famous for developing some powerful medical technologies in the past. At the time of the mission, it had a budget of US$ 78 million per year, and employed over 5000 fixed and temporary staff. It had expanded rapidly over the few previous years, but had had a turbulent recent history. In 2013 a new Executive Director was appointed with a clear agenda for developing and reforming the organization, backed by the Board of Trustees.
Within this context, the team carried out this consultancy as part of a periodic monitoring process by the Core Donor Group related to their contributions of US$ 14 million a year to the budget of the Icddr,b. In particular, the mission, financed by DFID, was to assess both academic and institutional performance of the Icddr,b and advice core donors (i.e. DFID, DFAT Australia, DFAT Development Canada and Swedish SIDA) on relevance and impact of this funding arrangement on the work of this international research institution/health care provider.