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Development of a training programme on health systems strengthening for the Global Fund Secretariat's Country Teams

The Global Fund
Field of Expertise:
Health Workforces; HR Training; HR Training
Narrative description of project:
Under the 2012-2016 strategy, the Global Fund adopted the New Funding Model which included active engagement of Secretariat staff in programme development for grant applications, including the development of health systems strengthening (HSS) grants. The quality of grant requests for HSS was seen as a critical factor for the overall success of Global Fund support for HSS. Because of their new role in programme development, the Global Fund commissioned the development of modular on-line staff training programmes in HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and HSS. Although a common e-learning platform was still under development, hera was commissioned to generate contents in the form of sets of PowerPoint slides and narrative text for nine training modules on HSS.