Travor Mabugu

Travor Mabugu, Master in Business Administration, Pharmacy, Health Economics, and Pharmaco-Economics

  • Travor Mabugu is a Zimbabwean health economist/Pharmacist with extensive experience in health financing and costing and economic modelling of health strategies and interventions. He has consulted on many projects across more than 22 sub-Saharan Africa countries. He has conducted several economic evaluations, costing and resource allocation studies focusing on the health sector, financial gap analysis, Public-Private Partnership strategic frameworks. He has several experiences in the application of value-for-money (technical and allocative efficiency analytic studies) in more than 10 countries for donor-funded programmes.
  • Travor began working with hera as a consultant in 2015. He became a hera associate in 2019 and a hera partner in 2020.
  • As an evaluator, his experience includes evaluation of single donor-funded programmes and multiple donor funded programmes such as health pooled fund (HPF) in South Sudan, Health Development Fund (HDF) in Zimbabwe, GAVI alliance supply management of vaccines through UNICEF, SWEDISH AID funded health financing programme in 8 countries. He has sound technical and evaluative skills that include use of the DfiD Value for Money frameworks and the OECD value for money approaches.
  • In his career, Travor has supported the design of UN, USAID, UKAID, and BMGF funded programmes across Africa, including working directly with policymakers within Ministries of Health and Ministries of Finance in these countries. He has also been involved in evidence synthesis through the application of economic evaluation principles in clinical trials and implementation science research. In the immediate past, Travor has been the Senior Consultant for Health Economic and Policy Research Institute (HEPRI); health economist for Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Research Zimbabwe (CESHHAR) and Health economist for University of Zimbabwe, Clinical Trials Centre and a former lecturer.
  • He has several years of experience supporting various countries (> 15 countries) on costing of strategies and HIV/TB and Malaria interventions, including HIV and Malaria investment cases. Conversant with various costing tools including OneHealth Tool, DMPPT Tool, GOALS and AIMS and intervention specific costing models, including TIME model for TB interventions. His competences also include HIV/AIDS Expenditure tracking, HIV/AIDS Financial gap analysis and strategic plan costing, budgeting and programme annual review experience, Economic & Financial costing of HIV strategies and National Operational Plans using ABC costing approach or High-Level modelling approaches.
  • He is fluent in English, Shona and Ndebele.

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