The DFID Independent Monitoring and Process Evaluation (IMPERFA) framework contract will cover requirements for independent monitoring in a range of themes, including but not limited to: Human development (e.g. education, health, water supply, social protection and sanitation); humanitarian assistance; economic development (e.g. infrastructure, social services, production); governance and security (e.g. public sector reform, anti-corruption); climate change.

Independent Monitoring provides oversight of programme delivery. Its primary purpose is accountability. It is often conducted in places where DFID staff have limited access. It verifies that the programme is being delivered as stated by the programme implementers and as expected by DFID’s standards. Independent Monitoring may include assessing the accuracy of implementing partners’ monitoring systems, observing programme implementation, expert visits to programme sites, obtaining beneficiary feedback or verification of results achieved to enable DFID to release payments under payment by results programmes. High quality independent monitoring has overlaps with process evaluation. Independent Monitoring asks, for example: Is the number of solar lights reported to have been sold by the programme implementer accurate? Have the solar lights been sold at the agreed prices?

The framework will be operational from April 2019 onwards.